Scarlet Twill (Floor Model)
Scarlet Twill (Floor Model)
Scarlet Twill (Floor Model)
Scarlet Twill (Floor Model)
Scarlet Twill (Floor Model)
Scarlet Twill (Floor Model)


Scarlet Twill (Floor Model)

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Made in Italy.

Completely hand-knotted rug, carried out with one of the finest wools in the world, hand-dyed with the so-called “pot-dyeing” technique; it deals with an art that carries on an age-long tradition. Since the execution of the drawing is difficult, the weavers have to use “talim”, a sort of intoned code, where any given note coincides with a knot and prevents any possible interpretation mistake on the loom. The finishing process is very elaborate: after the first shave and the handwash, every single rug is handled in order to create a unique product: a skilled craftsman works on the surface with scissors, wearing out on purpose some sections of the rug, according to an expert’s instructions. The side borders are carried out with the specific style of an age-old rug and selvedges are woven creating a “vintage” effect.

Showroom floor model in pristine condition. 


  • 137 3/4" x 98 3/8" (350x250 cm). Dimensions can vary of +/- 5%.
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