Studio Verticale is a Boston-based design resource offering modern interior architecture and design solutions from top Italian brands since 2007.

Our Philosophy

We believe that procuring complex Make-To-Oder pieces is an enjoyable process and should be treated as such. We also believe that a good customer service is fundamental to building a loyal customer base. It is the always positive can-do attitude and the exceptional customer service that drive everything we do and bring us exhilarating projects from our customers all around the country.

Studio Verticale. See Beauty Everywhere! 


From the Founder

Dear Prospective Customer,

European craftsmanship is our passion. It is through that lens that we look at the world around us. We love that with every sale we get to be a part of creating a new snippet of European beauty and share the joy of helping you make it real. We are thankful for each journey on which you take us and make us part of your See Beauty Everywhere experience!

With  gratitude,

Mila Talibov, Studio Verticale