Q2 (Floor Model)
Q2 (Floor Model)
Q2 (Floor Model)
Q2 (Floor Model)


Q2 (Floor Model)

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The color samples are indicative and not intended as an exact replica of the actual color of the product. Due to variations in monitor settings and color balances, colors are representative only and should not be construed as an exact color match of the listed product.

Made in Italy.

Hanging lamp with curved nickel rows, connected with special clamps with incorporated bulb holder. Light sources with white color Warm Tone 2763 °K.

Showroom floor model in pristine condition. 


  • Ø h 47 3/16" h43 1/4" (Ø120 h110 cm)
  • 1 in stock - immediate availability

Showroom floor models are excluded from all promotional offers, including free shipping. Prices are as posted.

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