Celebrating its 30th anniversary next year, MODULNOVA brand is synonymous with quality and style.

Ever since 1949, the Presotto family have been doing business in the furnishing sector...

MODULNOVA S.r.l, a furnishing firm, was set up in 1988, under the guidance of the Presotto family, who had started making furniture and design kitchens in 1949. The corporate mission is to craft increasingly innovative furniture both materials-wise and as far as technological systems are concerned, and to bring about a creative type of design, featuring essential lines. Modulnova's Modern kitchens are carefully devised by intensely focusing on details, finishes, design, accessories and assembly. Sophistication, style and elegance distinguish our trademarks - Modulnova Cucine (Kitchens), Modulnova Bagni (Bathrooms) (launched in 2000) and md HOME, a new line set up in 2011 that carries Modulnova look into living quarters of the home and outdoors with a new specialty kitchen line.
With numerous flagship stores across the globe (2 in Paris!), Modulnova is one of the fastest growing kitchen/bath/home manufactures in Italy(13% in 2015 alone).

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